Advisory Committee


Committee Charge

The Provost has established an RUSD STEM Education Center advisory committee to improve the process, communication, and transparency with UCR stakeholders.

The Charge to the Riverside STEM Academy STEM Education Center Advisory Committee:
1) Discuss UCR’s potential involvement with the academic programs of the high school.  Identify challenges and opportunities associated with locating the high school on the UCR campus.  Provide recommendations about how the challenges might be addressed.  Make suggestions about how UCR can best take advantage of the opportunities.   
2) Work with campus stakeholders to make recommendations about the logistics of the relationship between the high school and UCR.  This could include protocols to streamline UCR student engagement with the school as volunteers, or requests from high school students to engage in research so that faculty are not overly asked or burdened.   
3) Make recommendations for how UCR might use the high school facilities and how priority for different uses would be determined.  
4) Refine the plan for implementing the RSA lottery process at UCR.  
5) Establish a protocol for developing “Broader Impacts” sections for NSF grants etc. using the resources associated with the Education Center.  
6) Summarize the committee’s recommendations in an annual report to the provost. 

Advisory Committee Members

Co-Chair: Gerry Bomotti, Vice Chancellor, Planning, Budget & Administration

Co-Chair: Mary Droser, UCR Liaison for the STEM High School & Professor, Geology

Leslie Bushong, Director, California Teach Program - Science & Math Initiative

William Grover, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering

Juliette Levy, Associate Professor, History

Carolyn Murray, Professor, Psychology

Amos Lee, Assistant Professor of Teaching, School of Education

Julie Salgado, Past President, Staff Assembly

Wenwan Zhong, Professor, Chemistry

Patriccia Ordoñez-Kim, 2021-2022 Vice President of External Affairs, GSA